Isolation and Control of Fungal Pathogens Associated with Spoiled Carica papaya (L.) Fruit in Mubi Main Market using Aqueous Leaf Extract of Sida acuta. (L.)


  •   C. S. Yusuf

  •   T. D. Tizhe

  •   U. James

  •   N. N. Zakawa

  •   P. J. Wazamda


The fruit of Carica papaya (pawpaw) is an important crop widely grown around the world. Isolation and control of fungi associated with spoiled pawpaw in the Mubi main market were carried out. A total of twenty (20) pawpaw fruits were collected from four locations, the isolation and characterization were done using standard procedure. The result revealed that four fungi cause pawpaw spoilage in the study area (Aspergillus niger, Penicillium expansum, Mucos spp and Rhizopus stolonifer) and were confirmed through a pathogenicity test. Location3 of the main market showed the highest disease incidence of 50%; location 2 the least with 20%. The efficacy of leaf extract of S. acuta was tested for antifungal activities against the four isolates and was positive as the zone of inhibition by the extract increases with an increase in concentration. It can be concluded that A. niger, P. expansum, Mucos spp and R. stolonifer were pathogens responsible for C. papaya fruit rot in Mubi main market. S. acuta leaf extract was able to restrain the growth of the pathogens. Further research should be carried out to determine the phytochemical present in the leaf extract of S. acuta and also to identify the active components in the plants.

Keywords: Inhibition, pawpaw, pennicillium, leaf, growth, pathogen


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